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Labyrinth Stripes

These cotton shirts are patterned with a resistant dye technique using indigo and charcoal.
Labyrinth stripes items are a women's blouse, a men’s shirt and a pair shaped tunic.
Colours: indigo/charcoal and olive/yellow (indigo and acorn shell & aluminium mordant)
The colour purple (shown in the picture) will unfortunately not be on sale.
Size: M

Photo by Hirohito Okayasu

Men's shirt: ¥ 33.600
Women's Tunic: ¥ 50.400
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Each of the hand carved stools are made from a single piece of carefully chosen solid wood.
Finished with linseed oil and bees wax to enhance their natural colour.
Available in various sizes and shapes.

Stools: ¥52.500 ~ (incl. tax)
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