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Patternmaker’s nightmare

Numerous weavy panels are sewn together using front and back of the fabric to produce
this elegant silhouette. It is made of cotton and hemp jersey.
Other items: skirt, trousers, a women's jacket and men's jacket.
Colours: grey (charcoal dye), black (indigo, tree bark and iron mordant)
olive (indigo, acorn shell and aluminium mordant)
Size: M

Photo by Hirohito Okayasu
Dress: ¥51.450

Charcoal has been used to dye this jersey.
Please also look out for our Bamboo Charcoal when you visit your local Babaghuri store next time. Bamboo Charcoal purifies water by absorbing chlorine, and enhances taste by contributing minerals.
Place it in your kettle for better taste tea, or in your rice cooker for more delicious rice.
It can also be used as a drying agent or odor remover.

Bamboo Charcoal: ¥ 945
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