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New Sweets for Spring

A new selection of baked sweets will be sold at Babaghuri in Kiyosumi from April 10.
Four new flavours of muffins: yomogi (Japanese mugwort) muffin topped with salty-sweet red beans; spicy chai muffin flavored with cinnamon, cardamon and cloves; lemon poppy seed muffin; and chocolate-nut muffin made with organic cacao and roasted pecans.

Three kinds of shortbreads make their debut at Babaghuri:plain shortbread with honey and almond powder; cinnamon-ginger shortbread featuring cinnamon and honey-cooked ginger; and slightly sweetened shortbread with cooked azuki beans and pumpkin seeds.

Muffins will be sold on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and shortbreads on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Contact: Babaghuri 03・3820・8825
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