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New Arrivals at Babaghuri. Spring Jackets and Coats!

The cold winter days still linger, but our Babaghuri shops are ready for the arrival of spring. Our handspun-handwoven silk/cotton jackets and coats are accented with a water ripple pattern. A hand-sewn finish completes the hemp/cotton short jackets and the half-length coats are handwoven into a fine check pattern. We have used uneven cotton thread to give texture to the jersey jackets. And to coordinate with these jackets, we have light, airy skirts and pants.
Natural plant dyes, indigo and charcoal ink dyes add colour to the whole collection. Spring is interpreted through the softness of colour and fabric.
Why not visit a Babaghuri shop and be the first to experience our spring collection? We look forward to seeing you.

Light cotton shirt jacket ¥32,000
Light cotton wrap pants ¥32,000

Cotton jacket ¥38,000
Light cotton wrap pants ¥32,000

Men’s - hemp/cotton jacket ¥54,000
Women’s - hemp/cotton jacket ¥46,000
- hemp/cotton pants ¥36,000

Cotton uneven thread cut and sewn jacket ¥44,000
Cotton uneven thread cut and sewn pants ¥32,000

Silk/cotton coat ¥120,000
Hemp/cotton pants ¥36,000

photograph by KENTARO KAKIZAKI

All above listed prices are exclusive of tax.
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