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EARTH MATTERS:When Natural & Creative Forces Meet

February 6 ― May 3, 2015
at Artipelag, Värmdö, Sweden

We are pleased to inform you that Artipelag, the new gallery and arts venue in Sweden, will be featuring the work of designer Jurgen Lehl, who was based in Japan for over 40 years until his untimely death in 2014.


The exhibition will show lamps created by Jurgen Lehl using plastic waste that drifted onto the shores of beaches in Okinawa, along with work by other artists and designers.

In recent years, while staying at his house on Ishigaki island, he became saddened and worried by the amount of waste that is cluttering the beautiful beaches. To attract people’s attention to this serious reality, Jurgen Lehl began collecting plastic garbage to create lighting objects. This exhibition, which became his last dedicated works, will display many variations of lightshades, as well as his photographs of the beaches.

Artipelag is an art venue located in a suburb of Stockholm, in a verdant place between the beach and forest. Philip Fimmano, one of the guest curators, met Jurgen Lehl during a visit to Tokyo last year, which inspired him to organize this exhibition, Earth Matters:When Natural & Creative Forces Meet.

If you have a chance to visit Stockholm during this exhibition, please plan to drop by. An exhibition of Jurgen Lehl’s lighting objects and photographs will also be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo from July 18 to October 12, 2015. Detailed information will follow.

Photograph by Tadayuki Minamoto

For further information, please visit Babaghuri Blog.
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