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We have just updated our onlineshop page!
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Wool Cotton and Silk Marled Tweed & Felted Wool Pile

Wool Cotton and Silk Marled Tweed
This combination of natural materials woven into a soft tweed is characteristic of the subtle and complex textures found in Jurgen Lehl fabrics.
Felted Wool Pile
Long wool fibres are woven into a long-piled knit, which is then heavily felted giving a thick, shaggy texture.

Open Weave Wool Scarf & Colourful Block Scarves

Open Weave Wool Scarf
Open weave wool scarves. Threads woven into the ends provide a colourful contrast. Colourful Block Scarves
Scarf woven in blocks of a double layer of cotton and wool.
The blocks have, alternately, cotton on one side and wool on the other.
The wool has been treated to shrink and has been slightly felted, giving the fabric its striking appearance.
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