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"Young-Jae Lee" exhibition

During the big earthquake last year,
the cabinet that held all my crockery toppled over
and almost everything broke into small shards.

When Yong-Jae Lee heard about this,
she made me several very beautiful bowls to replace the broken ones.
I am using them everyday with great pleasure.

On a recent trip to Germany I asked Yong-Jae
whether she could make more like them for the Babaghuri shop.

The answer is this exhibition of exceptional bowls with thick translucent glazes
in subtle shades of light grays and greens.

Lee Young-Jae has been awarded the Frechener Kulturstiftung award,
which is the greatest prize that artisans can receive in Germany.
Using German clay, she creates a diverse range of pottery with elegant lines
and the characteristic texture and colour of Korean celadon.

Young-Jae strongly believes that her works should be of practical use
and here at Babaghuri, we are pleased to be able to exhibit her unique items
and make them available for our customers.

The artist will be coming to Japan during the exhibition period.

Come and stop by at the Kiyosumi Babaghuri shop between
Oct 4th 2012 to 16th.

Oct 4, 2012(Thu) ~ 16(Tue) 11:00 - 19:00
closed on Wednesday
Jurgen Lehl 1F 3 - 1 - 7, Kiyosumi, Koto - ku, Tokyo
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