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Hand-crafted in India - Yellow Label

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Introducing the new Jurgen Lehl "Yellow Label".
India has the richest tradition of handicrafts in the world and arts
such as fine hand embroidery and intricate weaving are vital
for many of the clothes and other items at Jurgen Lehl.

The new Yellow Label, available this summer for the first time,
is exclusively "Made In India".
The new label is a result of collaboration between
Jurgen Lehl designers and artisans on the spot in India.
Fine Indian craftsmanship and attractive hand-woven fabrics combine
with Jurgen Lehl's signature designs:
graceful summer dresses, smallish shirts,
various tunics and original stoles.

The new Yellow Label can be found at 8 branches across the country from August 2nd.

Jurgen Lehl Obihiro 0155-24-1357
Jurgen Lehl Sapporo 011-261-2760
Jurgen Lehl Sendai 022-268-6663
Jurgen Lehl Marunouchi 03-6212-0082
Jurgen Lehl Tokyu Shibuya 03-3477-3588
Jurgen Lehl Yokohama SOGO 045-465-2744
Jurgen Lehl Kobe 078-333-4088
Jurgen Lehl Hakata 092-721-5950
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