Photo exhibition at Babaghuri in Kiyosumi, Tokyo
from October 9th (Thursday) to 14th(Tuesday)

Photograph by: Yuriko Takagi
        Kohei Take
        Tadayuki Minamoto
        Yoichi Nagano
        Hideya Amemiya

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Jurgen Lehl Winter Collection Preview

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Kan Ito "Pottery" exhibition at Sapporo Babaghuri Shop

Kan Ito "Pottery" exhibition
at Sapporo Jurgen Lehl + Babaghuri Shop
from Aug 22th to 31st.
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Babaghuri Summer Bazar

Babaghuri sale

Babaghuri Summer Bazar on Kiyosumi Babaghuri Shop
from July 10th to July 15th 11:00 - 19:00
closed on Wednesdays

3 - 1 - 7, Kiyosumi, Koto - ku, Tokyo
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2014 Autumn Collection Preview

Photo: Noriko Matsumoto
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Babaghuri Table

From April 24th to April 29th, we have an exhibition of the potter Kyoko Hitotsuyanagi and metalsmith Yuichi Takemata at our Kiyosumi Babaghuri shop.
Mrs. Hitotsuyanagi made pottery bowls, dishes, pitchers and cups with glazes in muted colours. Mr. Takemata made spoons, forks and serving spoons in hammered stainless steel. He also made some brass saucers to go with Mrs. Hitotsuyanagi’s cups.

During this exhibition, on April 26th and 27th only, we serve our Darjeeling tea, cinnamon tea, muffins and cookies from noon to 5pm.

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Things Gathered from Nature

Things Gathered from Nature, Matsuya Ginza

We are delighted to celebrate the third anniversary of Matsuya Ginza Babaghuri with a small exhibition of pieces made of stone, coral and shell.

Designer Jurgen Lehl has specially selected the materials from those he found on seashores and river banks. The stones, fragments of coral and shells have been washed by the sand and waves, creating beautiful natural contours which have been formed into a range of jewellery, ornaments, chopstick rests and soap dishes.

And we have the special blog for this exhibition.
Please come and see our new site.

Jurgen Lehl for Babaghuri

We look forward to seeing you at Matsuya Ginza Babaghuri.

Matsuya Ginza Babaghuri
2014.3.19 - 31
tel: 03-5524-2530
address: 7F 3-6-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
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2014 Summer Collection Preview

Photo by Noriko Matsumoto
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Babaghuri: Hatsuichi

Babaghuri: Hatsuichi

Happy New Year!
Thank you very much for coming over this last year.
We'd like to let you know about the Babaghuri "Hatsuichi" (New Year Sale)
from January 9th.
Clothes, scarves and more for autumn and winter are all 30% or 50% OFF!
Stocks are limited so come early.

We look forward to seeing you at Babaghuri.

1F 3-1-7 Kiyosumi,
Tokyo (map)

Tel: 03-3820-8825
open from 11:00AM to 7:00PM
closed on Wednesday.
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2014 Spring Collection Preview

Photo by Noriko Matsumoto
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